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Things to do in Tampa: Beauty and the Beast!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Patel Conservatory presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast

JUN 22, 2017 - JUL 02, 2017

TECO Theater

Step into the enchanted world of the modern classic, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, where Patel Conservatory students grade 9-college bring this "tale as old as time" to life.
The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed into his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

***Sensory-friendly performance: SUN • JUN 25 • 2PM***
The Straz Center’s Patel Conservatory Theater is pleased to present a sensory-friendly, student performed, professionally produced production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Often, because of the challenge of sitting quietly for long periods of time, loud noises and light changes, children with sensory processing disorders such as autism and Asperger’s aren’t able to enjoy theater. In this performance, audience members will enjoy the full production with adjustments made to the show’s lighting and sound effects. Audiences will also have the freedom to move, wander, verbalize and utilize break areas. This performance allows all patrons to enjoy theater without barriers.

Make reservations here:

Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home Value

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

The real estate market is prime for home sellers right now with supply of homes down and demand for them high.  If you’re thinking about selling your house, now is the time to get in the game!  And if you want to increase your chance of getting a high price for your home, there are some projects you can do relatively quickly to get more bang for your buck!

First, it’s important to understand that some upgrades and features in a house matter more than others.  For example, adding fancy window treatments, door knobs and dimmer switches might impress potential buyers, but they are probably not going to get you more money.  If you want to coax people to write a bigger check, you’ll need to appeal to what buyers want most…more space, lower maintenance costs and a magnificent first impression.

Here are four upgrades you can do to help you make more money on the sale of your house:

  1. Create Space - Knock out a non-structural wall, or even remove that kitchen island.  Open spaces sell right now, so anything that opens your rooms up and creates a sense of flow in the house generates a positive response from buyers.  For the price of a few hundred dollars, you can transform the feel of the house.
  2. Convert an Office or Study into a Bedroom - The number of bedrooms can make or break a sale.  Three and four bedroom houses are the most popular for buyers, so if you have less than three, you may want to consider turning your office space into a bedroom. In fact, even the difference between a three and four-bedroom house is crucial, especially if a buyer has three growing kids.  An additional bedroom might also provide a sought-after guest room.  If you are planning to turn an extra space into a bedroom, you need to be sure it is legally zoned and you've gotten approval from the city where your home is located.  Dealing with these details will pay off in the long run if they can increase your home value by a significant amount.
  3. Create a Grand First Impression - You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but often people do. Think about it.  People get way more excited when you hand them a beautifully wrapped gift than when you hand them a wrinkled paper bag. Even if the gift is the same, the presentation is everything! Upgrading the exterior of your home can mean tens of thousands of dollars more in your pocket.  When house hunters drive up to your house, the feeling they get is strongly influenced by what they see first.  If they like the interior but feel disappointed with the exterior, they may feel like they are “settling” and will want to pay less.  You can turn this around by investing a little in landscaping and giving your garage and front door a new paint job.  It’s incredible what a spruced-up yard and exterior upgrade can do for a buyer’s spirits when it comes to making an offer!
  4. Upgrade Your Roof - When buyers shell out the money for a home, the last thing they are going to want is to have to shell out even more to replace a roof any time soon.  If the roof on your house is old and worn, you may want to consider getting a roof upgrade before you sell.  Keep in mind, an upgrade is different than a replacement. It preserves the original roof so you can get more years out of it.  By upgrading your roof, you are giving buyers the confidence that they won’t have to spend a fortune to replace the roof right after they move in, and that is a beautiful thing when it comes to the value of your home.

Happy Father's Day!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke



He never looks for praises

He’s never one to boast

He just goes on quietly working

For those he loves the most

His dreams are seldom spoken

His wants are very few

And most of the time his worries

Will go unspoken too

He’s there…a firm foundation

Through all our storms of life

A sturdy hand to hold to

In times of stress and strife

A true friend we can turn to

When times are good or bad

One of our greatest blessings,

The man that we call Dad


Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

Millennials Are Not Buying Homes…Here’s Why You Should!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Yes, I’m talking to YOU millennials!

There are several reasons why you aren’t buying homes right now.  Student debt, low-paying jobs and not having cash for a down payment are just a few of them.  But the truth is, now is a great time for you to be engaged in the housing market.  It’s time for millennials to start seeing the value of home ownership rather than throwing money away each month for rent that will never contribute to building any future equity. 

There are so many benefits that come with owning a home  and many of you may not be aware of them all. When you purchase a home, you are making a sound investment in your future (instead of your landlord’s) and while having the responsibility of a mortgage can seem overwhelming, you are actually doing yourselves a favor by taking out a loan.  Making mortgage payments each month really feels no different than making rent payments. But there is a huge difference!  By making mortgage payments, you are putting money toward owning a larger share of your own home.  With equity, you have an asset you can use in the future, whether by taking out a home equity line of credit to pay for home improvements or education costs or by earning a profit when you sell your house for a higher price.

Another potential benefit of being a homeowner, is becoming a landlord yourself.  By investing in a starter home, you can turn it into a rental property that will provide extra income when you buy your own long-term home in the future. Rent takes on a whole new meaning when you are receiving it instead of paying it!

Tax breaks are another perk of homeownership.  The sooner you purchase a home, the more years you will be able to enjoy tax advantages.

It’s understandable that those of you in the millennial age group (25-34) are hesitant to take the plunge into homeownership, but it’s important that you understand that it is a sound investment in your future and will be well worth it in the long run.

Meet with the professionals at Tampa Realty Now and let them help you understand what you can afford and how buying a home verses renting one can have a positive impact on your future financial situation.

Things to do in Tampa: AKC Dog Show

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

AKC Dog Show Favorite

AKC Dog Show



American Kennel Club dog show hosting over 212 breeds competing to become the "Top Dog". Come and see how these dogs are groomed for competition.


More Information

Date(s): June 15, 2017 - June 18, 2017
Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


4800 U.S. Hwy 301
Tampa, FL 33610


Selling Your Home with Kids

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Selling a home can be challenging.  There are so many things to consider. Between scheduling open-houses, last minute showings and keeping your house in "staged-perfect condition" at all times, the stress can be overwhelming.  Now toss in a kid…or two…or three.  It’s summer time and that means kids aren’t in school, which makes keeping your home in pristine, “show-ready” shape is all the more difficult.  But with the Tampa area being one of the ten hottest real estate markets of 2017, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to sell and sell big!  So how do you cope with it all?  First, take a deep, cleansing breath.  Now…follow the advice of people who have been there, done that.  You CAN do this!

-          Make packing and moving an adventure! Once your house is on the market you know you are going to be preparing for a move eventually, so start right away.  Give your kids little projects to complete to keep them busy and to make them feel like they are part of the process.  You would be amazed at how much help they can be if given the chance.

-          Have a “go-and-show” plan.  You want to take every opportunity possible to show your house, so prepare and be ready to head out the door if you get that last-minute call from your realtor.  Have a list of “things to do” in mind so that you aren’t just killing time while you wait.

-          Remember that less is more.  One of the jobs you can give to your kids is to choose the toys and other items that are most special to them to keep in their rooms while preparing to move.  The rest should be packed and stored out of the way.  Remember that visitors will likely look in closets and open drawers, so make sure you have smart storage solutions.

-          Don’t forget to flush!  We all know that kids, especially younger ones, can be a little absent minded when it comes to their toileting habits.  Assign someone to be in charge of checking all the bathrooms prior to leaving the house just to be sure everything has been flushed away!

-          Do a sniff test.  Let’s face it…kids can stink sometimes.  Summertime is a prime time for sweaty, smelly children who might not be as concerned with personal hygiene as they should be.  The odors emanating from them are NOT the first impression you want to make on potential buyers.  So be hyper aware of how your home, and especially their rooms, smells.

-          Stay neutral.  If you have decorated your little ones’ rooms with bright colors and specific themes, you may want to change it up to appeal to buyers.  Remember that they want to be able to picture the house as their own, and that is easier to do with rooms that have neutral colors and simple décor.

-          Relax.  I know…easier said than done.  But your house does not have to be perfect every second.  Try to keep up with clutter and cleanliness a little each day so that you don’t become overwhelmed when you find out someone is coming to see your house.  And remember to let your kids help!


Contact Craig and Linda Nowicke at and get your house on the market today!

Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report - May 2017

by Craig & Linda Nowicke


The charts below show the 7-day and 90-day rolling averages for list pricedays on market, and inventory for the metro area's luxury market (e.g. top 10 zips with median prices above $500k)


The charts below compare the ilhm-tampa luxury market with the ILHM National Luxury Market Index and show 90-day rolling averages for Median List Price and Days on Market.

The chart below shows the Altos Market Action Index for the metro area's luxury market and the National Index.

Statistics provided by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.

Things to do in Tampa: Camp Brisket featuring VooDoo Chef

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Image may contain: one or more people and text



Okay campers we’re bringing in a special guest this go-round, Erik Youngs (VooDoo Chef) to lead the charge for this BBQ delicacy, brisket. Youngs brings a trove of experience to the class helping simplify, arguably, one of the hardest cooks to perfect.

For this class, we’ll have eight hands-on spots and 20 observation seats available. The hands-on spots are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hand-on spots are $90 and observation is $15.

Youngs will be joined by Just Grillin owner, Doug Driscoll, to add to the fire-power of knowledge already running the show. The duo will show you how to create a juicy meat so tender it oozes at the touch and could be cut with the side of a fork!

Please call the store at 813.962.1700 to reserve a hands-on spot.
More Information
Date(s): June 10, 2017
Hours: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
11743 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618

Things to do in Tampa:Stadiumlinks Golf Tampa - Play From the Upper Deck!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Stadiumlinks Golf Tampa - PLAY FROM THE UPPER DECK


Stadiumlinks is transforming the world’s most iconic stadiums into a one-of-a-kind golf experience. Have you ever fantasized about teeing it up from the upper deck of your favorite pro football stadium or major league ballpark? Imagine yourself standing on tee boxes elevated hundreds of feet above while aiming at nine target flags located on greens that are custom designed into the playing field. Welcome to Stadiumlinks, the most memorable golf experience on the planet.

Register for a tee time and you will join a rare club of individuals who get exclusive access to almost every inch of some of the world’s most legendary stadiums. Whether you’re hanging out inside the clubhouse, teeing off from one of our nine epic tee boxes, competing in The Chipping Challenge, or relaxing and hanging out at our luxurious VIP Lounge after your round, your experience at the stadium will be filled with memories that last a lifetime.

The course is comprised of nine holes that take advantage of the best locations throughout the stadium. The total course yardage generally exceeds 1,000 yards and is custom designed and created in intricate detail, with each tee box giving you a completely unique golf shot that can not be duplicated anywhere else on the planet. The nine holes span a variety of distances, angles, and elevations above the beautifully designed and landscaped greens which are located in the field below you.

Complimentary golf clubs will be available for use at each of the tee boxes, so feel free to leave your clubs at home.

Arrive at least thirty minutes in advance of your tee time and check-in at the clubhouse. Relax, order some drinks, and enjoy the festivities while you await to be escorted to the first tee. For a more premium and exclusive experience that includes a pre-round warm-up in our VIP practice bays while awaiting to be escorted to the first tee box, then upgrade your tee time booking to the VIP Package at registration checkout.

You will have the opportunity to generate a score at each hole based on where your tee shot lands relative to each target flag for each hole. Stick your shot close to the flag inside the painted ring, and you’ll score a birdie. Land on the green, but outside of the birdie ring, and your score is a par. Miss the green and land in a greenside bunker or in the rough and you have a bogey. Shank a ball into the stands and it will go down as the most memorable double bogey of your life!

Join us for a round at The Chipping Challenge and One-Putt Challenge for a chance to win high value prizes while showing off your short game skills.

Two-person and four-person tee time bookings will be made available to the public in a very scarce and limited supply for each Stadiumlinks event. Register early because the limited spots sell out rather quickly and tee times will not be available the day of the event.


More Information

Date(s): June 2, 2017 - June 4, 2017


4201 N Dale Mabry Hwy
TampaFL 33607

Tampa Area Summer Camp Guide 2017

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

While summer doesn’t technically start until Wednesday, June 21, school is done for the year and it’s time to figure out how to keep your children busy and engaged while they are on break.  The Tampa area has loads of camps and activities that will excite and inspire kids of all interests and ages.  Here are a few to check out: (click on links for camp web sites)

Summer Camp at the Carrollwood Cultural Center
Welcome to Summer Camp at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, where artistic expression, belting it out, busting a move and getting into character are all encouraged! Through art, music, dance and drama campers ages 4-12 will explore a different theme each week — all in a creative and safe environment. 

Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp
Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp is a specialized day camp created right here in Tampa Bay. Lifelong Tampa angler, Parker Rabow, has created a fun and educational setting where young anglers can catch memorable fish while learning important sporting values on the water.

This popular camp only has a few openings left, so if your son or daughter loves fishing, click on the link now to secure their spot!

Tampa YMCA
The Tampa YMCA has something for everyone!  Campers can customize their summer camp adventures, with so many options they can experience something new every week!  Join them for Summer Palooza 2017 (their spectacular summer kick-off party) on June 3 from 1-4 PM. 

Kids’ College
If you are looking for academic enrichment, check out Kids College at Hillsborough Community College.  Kids’ College at HCC has the leading quality programs to fit your needs for academic skills development.  They are all about making learning fun with programs including S.T. E. M., the arts, computer programing, test prep, career study and more.

Lowry Park Zoo Summer Education Programs
The Lowry Park Zoo has programs for toddlers to teens.  All camps include morning and after care, lunch and a free t-shirt and ticket to visit the zoo again. Teens can explore a variety of programs that promote education, conservation and community involvement.

Camp Sparks
This is a camp for kids with physical and mental disabilities.  Offered to campers from age 5-22, the goal of Camp Sparks is to raise a healthier generation of kids by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through physical activity and promoting daily living skills.  Specially designed for children with disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and/or learning disabilities, the camp is staffed with a 1-to-6 staff-to-student ration by a trained Therapeutic Recreation Team.


Looking for more summer fun visit our website for Tampa Bay Realty Now and follow our blog Family Fun.

Thinking about buying a Tampa Florida home call your local experts Craig and Linda Nowicke at 813-728-3880!


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