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We LOVE Our Clients: Here are the Reasons Why!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

  1. We are passionate about helping our clients.  We love what we do and learn something new with every client that we serve.  Our clients help us become better Realtors and we appreciate that!
  2. Clients make every day interesting for us.  No two clients are the same and no two days on the job are the same.  Not only do we get to meet new people, we get to enjoy running into past clients and catching up with them.
  3. Our clients help our business expand.  There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth when choosing a Realtor. We are so grateful when our clients recommend us to friends and family. Because of them, our business grows!
  4. Our clients give us their trust and that means the world to us!  We have worked hard to become experts in our field and we want nothing more than to assist you in getting the best deal whether you are selling or buying a home.  Because of your trust, we are able to make your real estate transactions go as smoothly as possible.  You help us to help you!
  5. Clients are the reason we stay in business.  Without our clients we would not be able to be successful in this career that we love.  

Thank you to all our clients for making our lives interesting, fun, exciting and successful!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Give Thanks by Giving Back This Holiday Season

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to show how grateful we are by helping others in need.  Not everyone will spend the holidays in a warm home surrounded by loved ones, but those of us that will can make the season a little bit brighter by donating time, food and gifts to those less fortunate.  To make it a little easier for you to do so, here is a list of places where you can volunteer or make donations in the Tampa area:

Metropolitan Ministries - Hope is Here - It’s easy to help feed a family in need at Thanksgiving this year. Just click here and make a donation and it will be matched!  If you have time to give, you can volunteer at one of the many locations where Metropolitan Ministries helps the poor and homeless.  Help is needed all year long!

Make A Wish Foundation - This wonderful organization grants the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.  You can help in many ways: making donations, sponsoring a child, participating in promotions that benefit Make a Wish, and volunteering your time. Click here to discover the many volunteer opportunities available.

The Salvation Army - With a mission to serve the most vulnerable people in our community, the Salvation Army helps the less fortunate in many ways.  One way you can help this holiday season is by sponsoring a child through the Angel Tree Program.  Adopt an “angel” today and make Christmas a little brighter for a child in need.

Meals on Wheels Tampa - Meals on Wheels supports local seniors and homebound citizens.  Volunteers provide daily nutritious meals and much needed social interaction for people who might otherwise go hungry and lonely.  They also collect items for holiday gift bags to pass out to Meals on Wheels recipients.  Click here to find a list of desired items that are being collected and learn how to support your senior and homebound neighbors.

Happy Veteran's Day!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

"To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…"--President Woodrow Wilson

So began President Wilson in November 1919, when he dedicated Armistice Day, November 11, to the cause of world peace and to honor the sacrifice of the US military after World War I. Nineteen years later, a legal holiday was officially signed into being, and in 1954, the name was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day to honor all veterans. Veterans Day differs from Memorial Day in that it celebrates living and dead US Veterans, and pays tribute to their sacrifices for the freedoms in this country.

Ceremonies, parades, and special events dedicated to honoring our veterans happen all over the country, and what better way to pay tribute than to attend an event in our local area?  See the links for more information!


All National Parks admission is free on Veterans Day Weekend 

Tampa Bay Veterans Parade

Safety Harbor Veterans Day Celebration

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.

Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

Happy Labor Day!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Growing up, all I knew about Labor Day was that it was the last day of summer before school started, and the Jerry Lewis telethon was going to be on TV.  Once I became a working adult, I gained a new appreciation for Labor Day.   Whether I was enjoying a much-needed holiday off or I was working the day away, I was part of the labor force.  I had become a contributing member of society.  Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday in September, celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers.  It is an annual tribute to the contributions workers make to the strength, well-being and prosperity of our country. 


The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in 1882 in New York City.  While there has been some debate over who first proposed this holiday for workers, many believe it was Matthew Maguire, a machinist from Paterson, NJ.  He proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York. The Central Labor Union adopted the proposal and appointed a committee to plan a demonstration and picnic.  By 1884, the first Monday in September was designated as the holiday and the Central Labor Union urged other organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a “workingmen’s holiday” on that date.  By 1885, Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers in the country.  It became a federal holiday in 1894. 


Now, many celebrate Labor Day as a day of rest or the last chance to go on a trip before summer ends.  Some people plan picnics and barbecues and there are often public fireworks displays.  But there are also many who do not get Labor Day off.  While government offices and banks and many businesses are closed, people who work in retail, hospitals, emergency services and restaurants will likely be working.   


However you choose to celebrate Labor Day, we thank you for your contributions to our great country.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday!

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

Happy Father's Day!

by Craig & Linda Nowicke



He never looks for praises

He’s never one to boast

He just goes on quietly working

For those he loves the most

His dreams are seldom spoken

His wants are very few

And most of the time his worries

Will go unspoken too

He’s there…a firm foundation

Through all our storms of life

A sturdy hand to hold to

In times of stress and strife

A true friend we can turn to

When times are good or bad

One of our greatest blessings,

The man that we call Dad


Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

What Moms Really Want

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Mother’s Day is around the corner and chances are you are trying to come up with the perfect gift to honor the special Mom in your life.  Here is a list of some “gifts” that Moms really want (but might not ask for):

  • SLEEP - Often Moms are the first to rise and the last to go to bed.  Awakening on Sunday morning without an alarm clock or the sound of children’s voices would be a dream come true!
  • A CLEAN HOUSE - What could be better than coming home to a clean house…that YOU didn’t have to clean?  Dads - get the kids to help pick up around the house. No time to get it all done?  Hire a cleaning service. 
  • SPA DAY - A peaceful escape from the noise and stress of motherhood is just the ticket for relaxation and rejuvenation. 
  • A RESPONSIBILITY FREE DAY - Many Moms would love a day free from the “mom routine”.  That means no dishes, laundry, chauffeuring kids around, dressing kids, checking homework etc. 
  • CAR WASH - This is one of those tasks that usually gets placed at the bottom of the Mom to do list.  Surprise Mom with a neat, tidy, crumb free car and she will love it!
  • TURN THE HONEY DO LIST INTO THE HONEY DONE LIST - If there are tasks that have needed to be taken care of for a while, get them done in time for a Mother’s Day surprise.
  • GROCERY SHOPPING - Do the grocery shopping and meal planning for the week to give Mom some free time to enjoy all week long.
  • HOMEMADE FROM THE HEART - Moms love and cherish homemade gifts from their children.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on frivolous gifts for Mom to celebrate her day.  Time, love and support are the best gifts you can give to make her feel appreciated.

Why Do We Color Eggs for Easter?

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

Coloring eggs for Easter is a fun, creative tradition, but have you ever wondered where it came from?  Turns out there are several theories on how this tradition started. Here are five of them:

1.      Spring Celebration

Eggs were often associated with pagan festivals and celebrations of spring. Because they are symbolic of rebirth and new life, it made them an appropriate part of the celebration of spring and the new life that comes after winter. Eggs were colored during these festivals and often given as gifts to friends and family. Since the symbolism of rebirth fit well with the spring holiday of Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, the practice of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts was adopted by Christians and included in their Easter celebrations.

2.    A Mesopotamian Tradition

Per volume 5 of Donahoe's Magazine, a Catholic magazine that ran from 1878 to 1908, early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs red to mimic the blood that Jesus shed during his crucifixion.  The church apparently took up this tradition and it has continued ever since.

3.    A Royal Tradition

King Edward of England may have popularized the tradition of decorating eggs for Easter. Way back in the 13th century, he ordered that 450 eggs be boiled and colored and decorated with gold leaf. He presented them as gifts to his royal household.

 4.      Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg

There are several legends that point to Mary Magdalene as a key player in the creation of the egg-dying tradition. One version speaks of her trip to Jesus’ tomb three days after his crucifixion. She carried a basket of cooked eggs to share with the other women that were mourning at the tomb.  When she arrived and found the tomb empty, the eggs in her basket turned a brilliant shade of red.  Another legend tells of her going to speak to the Emperor Tiberius after Jesus had risen from the dead.  She greeted the Emperor with the words, “Christ is risen”.  Tiberius replied, “Christ has no more risen than that egg is red”, gesturing to an egg sitting on the table.  As soon as the words came out of his mouth - you guessed it - the egg turned red!

 5.      Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Red Egg

There are some Eastern European legends that claim it was Mary, the mother of Jesus, not Mary Magdalene, who was the source of the egg dying tradition.  It is said that she had eggs with her when she was present for her son’s crucifixion on Good Friday.  One story claims that blood from Jesus dripped on the eggs, turning them red.  Another version of the legend tells of Mary weeping and begging the soldiers to be less cruel to her son. As her tears fell on the eggs, they became spotted with brilliant color.

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

Christmas Tree Bugs and What to Do about Them

by Craig & Linda Nowicke

It is that time of year again!  The happiest time of the year!  That is true unless you are one of the unlucky ones who ends up bringing bugs into your home via your freshly cut Christmas tree.  Christmas tree bugs are no fun and can be a pain to get rid of once you have them.  Below are a few ideas on what to do about Christmas tree bugs and how to avoid having to deal with them. 

  1.  Many Christmas tree lots have mechanical tree shakers that will get rid of the bugs for you before they have the chance of entering your home.  There are some tree lots however that do not have these services.  If you get your tree from a tree farm that doesn’t have this type of mechanical tree shaker, just be sure to do the shaking yourself with the help of a few friends.  Shake the tree back and forth a few times as hard as you can and that should help to get rid of any bugs that might be attached.
  2. A good way to check to see if your new Christmas tree has bugs  is to look at it with a bright flashlight.  A few of the bugs that might be on the tree are the following:  mites, praying mantis, psocids, bark beetles, scale insects, adelgids, and aphids.
  3. One way that you do not need to try in order to get rid of Christmas tree bugs  is to use chemicals of any kind.  These types of things shouldn’t be in your home and also won’t work well with Christmas lights which can sometimes get hot.  You could be in for a disaster worse than the bugs if you try to kill them with chemicals. 
  4. If you find that you do have Christmas tree bugs your vacuum will become your best friend.  Be sure to vacuum around the bottom of the tree and anywhere you see that the bugs may have gone in your home.  This will help to eliminate them even if it is just a few at a time. 

Don’t worry yourself sick if you get home and find that your Christmas tree has bugs living in it.  They like the tree and much of nothing else so you don’t have to worry about them getting on you or your loved ones.  

Courtesy of Tampa FL Realtor Linda Nowicke.   

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